Monday, January 18, 2010


As many of you know, I am preparing for my talkblogradio show on Tuesday, January 19, at 1:00 PM.
I must emphasize that, my interview is to tell the truth of what happened to me so many years ago. We as survivors must not and will not continue to protect our abuser's. My mistake was that, I did protect one of my abuser and in the end it cost me to have retinal detachment from the right eye.
My silence could have cost me my life but....I survived,. I put my trust into another abuser; he also felt that, what he did to me was justifiable. Many of you know that, this cost me retinal detachment from the left eye.
I saw the light and my inner spirit and the strengh from my parents is why I fought back! I refuse to take the blame for the horrible abuse that, I endure so many years ago.
So, to those who may be offended or wish that, I will continue to keep the silence, I out right refuse. I survived and I am truly blessed, because, I now will be able to help those who were afraid like me of their abuser's.
God bless all my survivors and victims of Domestic Violence. To those abusers, look out because, I will be standing by and standing strong for those who feel they are alone! You are not alone, I am here!
With much respect and love,
Rosa Torres-Sadler

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